Silence and Denial

By Tru Dillon

My hiking boots are leather and I carry a big stick
These boots will delicately trample all those who oppose me
My stick unbending and unwieldy to grasp
is my sword of truth

Cutting back the curtain of silence
Slash and cut this mask of denial
Smash and trample all those who Lie

Tendrils of hope spring up
spring green
they unfurl and shake their way to the ever present light
Where was this light
when I was alone at 14
when my father told me I was a mistake,
I never should have been

Slash and Cut
Smash and Trample
No longer silent in the face of this Lie
This forest is full of Lies
I will be here a long time
Prepare: The journey awaits

Tru Dillon has been involved in art since she was born. Drawing, painting, singing and writing have captured her interest above all else. She wrote her first book of poems at 12 years of age and has since written many more poems and is hoping someday to create another book of her poetry. For now she is content to write on the World Wide Web.


About Tru Dillon

Writing about my life in poem and prose.
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